Student Video Projects extend student multimedia learning beyond the fundamentals of the regular Multimedia Curriculum to apply what has been learned with hands-on production of multimedia projects. With these projects they learn advanced skills such as how to speak on-camera, how to load text onto a VideoPrompter, what the technique is for controlling speed of text as news is read, and the technique for speaking and reading text from a VideoPrompter. 

Quick Interview

The Quick Interview is the perfect format for short, on-the-fly interviews—such as interviewing the coach after a game, a teacher between classes, or students at lunch.

Price: $285.00

Classroom Orientation

The video you will be producing with this project is a unique and complete classroom orientation video. The purpose of this video will be to inform viewers about what goes on in the featured classroom. You will use interviews from different sources to provide unique insights to your viewers. The video will be arranged using the zig-zag format. Zig-zagging is a technique for arranging scenes for an informative video of this type.

Price: $285.00