Stop-Motion Animation

Learn Stop-Motion Animation

Stop-Motion Animation is a 20-lesson curriculum that teaches the basics of storytelling, character creation, video capture, editing, and more.  Each lesson is a 50-minute session with self-guided interactive multimedia instruction followed by practice opportunities for skills taught in the lesson.  The curriculum guides students through the full process required to create and produce an original story.  When the student has finished all the lessons and activities, he or she will have produced a video complete with animations, a sound track, special effects, titles, and credits.

Price: $995.00

Teach Multimedia Edu, Inc., the leader in K-12 digital skills and exploration, teaches students the essentials of stop-motion animation with our STEM Stop-Motion Animation Station with Curriculum, a complete hardware and software package. Students love Teach Multimedia’s Stop-Motion Animation Curriculum—it’s fun, engaging, and teaches valuable multimedia and story development skills for success in today’s Internet-connected society. Stop-Motion Animation is a turnkey, 20-lesson curriculum that teaches the basics of storytelling, character creation, video capture, editing, and so much more. The curriculum includes all teacher materials, interactive student lessons, and interactive tests for each module. Equipment and materials kits are included, with software, cameras, lights, and clay (you can also use Lego® characters and products, not included)—everything a story group of 3 to 4 students needs! Which of your students are  future Oscar winners? Get them started on their way by contacting us at or (877) 299-6268.

“Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio” won the 2023 Oscar for best Animated Feature Film. Del Toro, who won his initial Oscar for “The Shape of Water” in 2018, chose the over hundred-year-old technique of stop-motion animation for Pinocchio. Fans of “Wallace and Gromit” or “Shaun the Sheep” are familiar with ‘claymation,’ a stop-motion technique using clay characters. Wooden characters (an appropriate choice for Pinocchio) are put through their painstaking paces of adjustment/shoot/adjustment/shoot one frame at a time in a process that took over two years. On top of the stop-motion, del Toro overlaid other animation techniques: computer generated imaging, puppetry, and hand-drawn animation. All together, “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio” is a visual tour-de-force that shows what’s possible using the humble puppet and the power of stop-motion animation.


Photo: Del_Toro’s_Pinocchio_by_Lizardi_Saucedo.jpg created by Lizardi Suscedo and used under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0 license.

Description, Specifications, Terms of Service

Stop-Motion Animation is a 20-lesson curriculum that teaches the basics of storytelling, character creation, video capture, editing, and more. Includes all equipment, supplies, materials, interactive lessons, and tests for each lesson.

Purchase Includes

Includes all equipment*, software, supplies, materials, interactive lessons and tests for each lesson.  *Does not include digital device—the student must provide their own laptop or computer.  For a complete list of materials and supplies provided, view this link.

Device Compatibility

Lessons are taught using Zu3D stop-motion animation software which comes with your purchase.  Lessons demonstrate how to use Zu3D software from a Windows- or Mac OS-based computer or laptop.

  • Minimum Specifications:
  • PC: Windows 7, 8 or 10 and a 4Ghz or equivalent processor, .net framework 4.5.2 or above.
  • MAC: OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher.
  • 2GB RAM, 350MB Disk Space, 800×600 resolution screen.
  • Recommended Specification: 2.06Ghz+ Processor, 4GB RAM 500GB+ Disk Space, 1024×768 or greater resolution screen.

Terms of Sale

Teach Multimedia Edu, Inc. (TM) agrees to provide to the purchaser of our online curriculum services (Customer) access to the service for the duration of the course or courses. The courses end when the Customer completes them, or the demonstration period ends. To purchase the course or courses, the Customer must provide his/her first and last names, email address, credit card information, and shipping address if different from credit card address through our secure purchase portal. TM will not sell, share, or make available to anyone the Customer’s information, except as required by law.

Technical Support

In the event the Customer should need support, he or she can contact TEACH Multimedia using the Contact link at the top right in the Customer’s Student Dashboard. The Customer can contact us by email using the email button on the page. Our email is

Included Items

Understanding Animation

  • Prints for bird in cage thaumatrope (1 per kit)
  • String (1 per kit)
  • Prints for walking horse flip book (1 per kit)
  • 1 ¼’ binder clips (1 per kit)
  • Animation Scope kit by Innovation Academy (1 per kit)


  • 4”X6” unlined index cards (1 pack per kit)
  • 3/8″ Clear Adhesive Zots Dots Singles (1 per kit)

Stop-Motion Animation Technology

  • 3- panel Green Corrugate Back Panel (1 per kit)
  • Surge protector (1 per kit)
  • Portfolio 13.2” adjustable LED clip lamp (1 per kit)
  • 5” clip-on lights (4 per kit)
  • Light diffusers (4 per kit)
  • 4K webc am (1 per kit)
  • Duct tape (1 per kit)

Character & Prop Development

  • 9”X12” tracing paper pad (1 per kit)
  • Claytoon Non-Toxic Clay Project Studio Kit (1 per kit)
  • Claytoon Modeling Clay Set of 4 Colors: Primary Colors (1 per kit)
  • Claytoon Modeling Clay Set of 4 Colors: Neutral Colors (1 per kit)
  • Claytoon Modeling Clay Set of 4 Colors: Hot Colors (1 per kit)
  • Claytoon Modeling Clay Set of 4 Colors: Cool Colors (1 per kit)
  • Claytoon Modeling Clay Set of 4 Colors: Earth Tones (1 per kit)
  • Sculpey clay (1 per kit)
  • Wooden artist mannequin (1 per kit)
  • 12 gauge aluminum wire (1 per kit)
  • 18 gauge aluminum wire (1 per kit)
  • 20 gauge copper wire (1 per kit)
  • 6″ long nose pliers/wire cutter (1 per kit)
  • Multi-colored Construction Paper pack (1 per kit)
  • Mounting putty (1 per kit)
  • Multicolored pipe cleaners (1 per kit)

These resources offer great flexibility.  You can select the resources and activities to match your teaching format and course length requirements.  The curriculum comes with a recommended sequence of 20, 50-minute class sessions, but you can easily shorten or extend the length of the curriculum as you need.